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Planning your Holiday

Decide which area of the country you would like to visit.

A very popular choice is the countryside on the doorstep - seeing the area by canal gives a whole new perspective to an area you know well, but with the confidence of knowing the best places to stop for provisions.

Alternatively there may be an area of the country or a historic town that you have always meant to give time to explore. View our locations for more information.

Think about who is going on your canal boating holidays.

As you take the holiday at your own pace, 2 active adults can easily handle a canal boat. If you are considering a route with more locks or with younger children in the crew consider taking a larger canal boat with another family to share the canal boating holidays experience.

As you cruise along, one person steers and the rest of the crew is free to watch the scenery or even walk the tow path alongside. At locks (and when mooring) one person stays on the boat to steer whilst at least one person works the lock mechanism.

When you are first taught to operate a lock it may appear bewildering but by your second or third you will already wonder what you were worried about.

Consider the type of cruising you would like to do.

Our various start bases all have a wide selection of routes and each is generally typified by particular geographic features dictating the style of the canal.

Finally choose your canal boating holidays canal boat class.

Having narrowed down your choice of areas, the number of people and your holiday dates, use the canal boating classes link to see the options that suit your criteria.