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Canal Boating Article: Canal boating and kids

Canal Holidays are fun for all the family

Canal boating

Canal boat hire provides an exciting and inspiring holiday for children. They're a great chance to get the whole family to spend time together and kids can really get involved on board the canal boat. Whether they help to navigate, map read, work the locks or swab the decks, there's something for kids of all ages on a canal boat holiday.


Kids get interested in their environment on a canal boat holiday


Children love to see the wildlife that flourishes on the British canals. Fantastic arrays of birds are attracted to the peaceful and thriving habitat of Britain's canals. Expect to encounter ducks, swans, and herons, toads, kingfishers and dragonflies, and if you're really lucky you'll see the endangered voles and otters.


It's easy to stop and moor up your canal boat anywhere on most canals, so an afternoon walk through the woods or a museum stop off can make a pleasant change to cruising. Bike rides, pony treks and canal side fishing are all easy options that are sure to go down well with the kids. Many of the canal side pubs are kid-friendly and with all the fresh air they'll get on this holiday, they're sure to sleep soundly through the night!


Canal boats have modern conveniences

Should children begin to get weary, there's a television and DVD player on board- so bringing some films with you may be wise if your kids' attention span is likely to wane.


Safety on a canal boat

We provide life jackets for children, so there's no need to worry about safety, though of course children should be supervised at all times when out on deck. Working the locks definitely needs a team effort, and older children will jump at the chance to help out.


Our experts at the marinas will advise you on safety issues when you arrive, so you know what the dangers are and how to ensure you have a safe and fun journey!


Canal boat holidays are a real adventure for the whole family. Each of our marinas offers a choice of routes with different activities and sights along the way. On a canal boat holiday, you determine the distances you travel, the places you stop and the general pace of your trip. This makes it a perfect holiday for adults and children alike.

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